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The purpose of this page is to serve as a collecting place for information about the Duncans of Louisa County VA and related matters.

Trip to Louisa, VA in June  2002

In 2002 my oldest son Sean and I went to Louisa, VA the county seat of Louisa County VA to investigate what we could uncover there in the courthouse.  Also we wanted to go to the Duncan family cemetery out in the county, a place I had heard about from my dad and from my uncles and aunts. So Sean, me, my sister Mariam and her daughter Larie and Larie’s two girls Anna and Allie all trekked from Mariam’s house in Eden NC to Charlottesville VA, spent the night, and then the next morning drove  to Louisa. We took pictures, made some notes, and visited the courthouse and then the cemetery.  We were accompanied by Warren Craghead and R. H. (Doc) Langley-Wood (deceased), who knew the way there via a fellow who had been there several times before. Warren and Doc are second cousins.  This trek was summarized by Sean and myself in a web page http://familyduncan.org/ which you are welcomed to check out.  We also put up some photos of my great grandfather Robert A Duncan therein.  The county courthouse was interesting in that many of the original documents of deeds and other transactions were available for public perusal!  I actually need to return to sort out a number of queries that have occurred to me since that trip. Hopefully some day soon…

I plan to further modify the above mentioned web page and flesh out some details…stay tuned.

 Visit to Roxboro September 30, 2013: The 1930 Census and the Academy Street House

Recently I have been looking at US Census records available for information about the whereabouts of my grandfather George Alexander and family. I looked him up in the 1920 Census and found that they were living in Wakefield, VA.  They moved to Roxboro in the early 1920s due to George being transferred to Roxboro in his employment. He worked as agent for the Norfolk and Western railroad in Virginia and then in Roxboro. When they moved to Roxboro they apparently rented a house for themselves and five of the seven children. By the time they moved to Roxboro Uncle Robert and Aunt Rebecca were grown and married I believe.  Uncle Robert spent many years in Williamsburg and Aunt Rebecca lived in South Boston.  The 1930 US Census shows that Toney (23 yrs.) ,  Jessie (19 yrs.), Howard (15 yrs.), and Malcolm (12 yrs.) were living at home. Zephia had married Lawrence Woods by that time. The Duncans lived on Academy Street. The census does not specify an address beyond which dwelling number and family number. But from looking at the census record of other families on that street I was able to recognize some familiar family names and family members. So, eventually I determined that the Duncans lived in a house that is currently 208 Academy Street.  Armed with this information Anne and I went on Academy and took some photos of the house. Below I show one of the views.



This is a large house!  Not too surprising given the number of people in the Duncan family in 1930!  The Duncans also had a border, so it was a full house!.

What I do not yet know for sure is the year they arrived in Roxboro. Perhaps one or more of my cousins will clue me in?

Another fact I learned about the house site on Academy is that this house is at the site of the original Academy in Roxoboro, which was apparently built in 1908.  While the current house is the house that the Duncans occupied in 1930 it is not the original academy.  It is interesting nevertheless.

I also learned that in 1931 George and Josie left this rented house and bought a house on Lamar Street in Roxboro. I even have the deed they got, but it does not specify a street address!  In those days apparently Roxboro was small enough so that one could probably say that the “Duncans on Lamar” and anyone who really needed to find them had no problem.  I am still trying to locate just which lot they had but the deed does not have enough detail to allow me to determine the exact location.  Maybe I can eventually figure out which lot. Of course by now there is a good chance that the house is long gone. In the last 25 years some houses were torn down to make way for a connecting street.  From talking to some people at the Registrar of Deeds there is concern that the Duncan lot location might well have been along the route of the through street.

I will amend this account as I get more information.

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