Duncan Cousins Shared Family Pictures

Welcome to the shared family photo site for the Duncan Cousins!

The idea is to put here digital photos of Duncan Cousins and their family members so that we all can get to know each other better.  Given that we have not gotten together in a long time, it seems a good idea to try to help each other recognize one another so that when we have to get together on November 8 and 9 we can better communicate and socialize.  So, please send me your digital photos and I will immediately post them here.  if you do not have the photos in digital form, if you can mail me copies I will scan them and put them here.  All those who may be interested know my contact information, so I will not publicly post that here.  You can also call me if you need to discuss the photos.  My thought is that having photos of each Duncan Cousin along with a limited set of photos of the cousin’s family would be perfect.

Children of George Comer Duncan Sr:

George Comer Duncan Jr :

The following photo is of Comer and Anne Duncan taken November 2011 while celebrating Comer’s 70th Birthday in Temecula, CA where Comer’s son Dave lives with his family. It was a happy time!


Secondly there is a  group picture of Anne and me with my sons Sean (left with his spouse Liz) and Dave (on the right with Adam next to Dave and Ryan in front with Dave’s spouse Maureen). The third grandson Jack was just a month old was was in the care of Maureen’s mom.



Children of Robert Duncan:

Bettie Duncan Modys (Robert’s daughter)

Cam MacGregor, daughter of Bettie, sent this group picture of the whole group taken in July, 2013 at a celebration of Bettie’s 80th Birthday held in Blowing Rock, NC.  Bettie is prominently in the middle with white top. To her immediate right is Cam, to her immediate left is Peter and behind Cam is Rob.  What a great looking group!



Children of Howard Duncan:

Robert (Bob) and Benjamin (Ben):

These photos were sent by Ben and Brenda of them with Bob and Virgie while on a trip to Scotland in 2010 and then of themselves. Ben and Brenda are on the left i and Bob and Virgie are on the right in the first photo. The second photo is closer view of Ben and Brenda. A happy looking group!

Ben Brenda Bob Virgie August 2010 Ben & Brenda at a NKY vineyard

And thanks to Howard and Naomi’s Betty for sending me the following photo!



I will be adding additional photos from Duncan Cousins as I receive them and get them up to this site.  So please send me pictures!!! When you do please provide a short description of who are in the pictures.

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  1. Andrea Duncan Kadar said:

    Loved the photo’s and the stories that went along with them!
    We are sorry that we will miss the reunion due to a prior commitment to hike the Big Bend in Texas with some pals.
    We hope you all will visit Sedona and enjoy the “Red Rocks”.
    With affection,
    Dwight and Andrea Duncan Kadar

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