Anne and I went on a cruise from Boston to Montreal via Holland America. We went to Boston on August 24 and the cruise left on August 27.  It was quite eventful.  We enjoyed Boston site seeing very much.  But hurricane Irene was barreling up the East coast and threatened to cancel or alter the cruise. She did the latter!  We left Boston on time on Saturday but the captain elected to take the ship out to sea far enough so as to avoid the bad weather that Irene was inflicting.  This was prudent but it meant that we missed going to the first three stops (Bar Harbor, Halifax, and Sydney).  A few considerably less known stops were added… We  enjoyed the St Lawrence seaway and the fjords along the way.  Quebec City was wonderful.  And finally Montreal was great. We bummed around in Montreal a few more days and returned to Atlanta on September 6. Here are some photos we have from the trip. I thought I would put them up for a record.


This image was taken in Fanuel Hall in Boston. We went there on Saturday morning and had a nice presentation by a park service person.  A fascinating place in the history of the US.  Much history in this building.


The next picture is that of the bust of John Adams I shot inside Fanuel Hall.  Impressive.


The next picture is that of Comer sitting on Red Auerbach’s lap near to Fanuel Hall. Red Auerbach was a great Celtics coach.  He did’nt seem to mind me sitting for a moment.  We were there the morning our cruise left Boston.  

Here is Anne showing how she truly loves the sea, its breeze, and its sounds on our cruise.


This is our ship, the Maasdam, taken from above in Quebec City at our stop there.Here are Marguerite and Anne and Diane as we strolled through Quebec City.This is a wonderfully wispy fjord along the St Lawrence seaway.  

I may well put up some more of our photos sometime.