I began painting in October, 2015 when I joined the Sunday morning Art Looking Up class at St. Patrick’s Episcopal church where Anne is quite involved. The group meets for an hour from 9:15-10;15 AM with a group of people interested and practicing art in various forms. We meet, talk about what we are working on, actually do a little art and get valuable takes on what we and others are currently working on.  I have enjoyed the people and the art!

I started painting in oil on canvas and on boards in early October, went to an art retreat in early November and in January 2016 began taking an art class with Charles Young Walls, an excellent representational oil painter from the Atlanta area. Check out some of his excellent works on his site:www.charlesyoungwalls.com. I think he is a very good teacher and has helped me a lot!  The classes meet for three hours once a week.  I am painting a different still life each week (not all are finished in the time available). The idea is for me to learn the basics of composition, brush stokes, color composition and mixing. And most importantly to get as much experience painting as I can.  There are many layers to learn and it is going, but slowly.  It is a lot of fun.  I am also painting at home.

I plan to display here some of the paintings, whether they are finished or not…maybe on never really finishes a piece but eventually decides it’s good enough for now.

I wish I had began this process ten years ago!  So much to learn and digest and make my own and so little time to become proficient.  Along the way I plan to bare and share what I have done thus far both as a way to record what I’ve worked on and express whatever musings I feel like stating.

I plan to put this page category on my Facebook page Comer Duncan Art Explorations.